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Discover optimum wellness and create your perfect life balance

Discover optimum wellness and create your perfect life balance

Discover optimum wellness and create your perfect life balance


Mentoring: Master the Universal Law Language

Live the life you’ve always wanted – free from doubts, fears, and uncertainties.

You know you have to make changes in your life. Making a charge is hard. It  means getting out of your own way. It involves breaking through barriers and dealing with the fear of failure. Sometimes all you want to do is quit even before you begin. You are tired and exhausted of this roller coaster ride. The ups and downs of being so close to what you want in life. You are tired of the battles. The process seems far more difficult than rewarding.

That’s why Mentoring Group can make a difference in your life.

Imagine if you had a group of people who:

  • Believed in you

  •  Supported you without judgments and expectations

  •  Embraced all of who you are

  • Genuinely excited about your future

Mentoring Group helps you determine and achieve your personal and professional dreams. Mentoring Group helps you identify, articulate, and create a course of action. 

What are the benefits of being a part of Mentoring?

  • Become crystal clear about what you really want in your life

  • Forgive and let go of the past so that you can move forward

  • Learn healthy strategies and techniques that you can apply in your professional and personal life

  •  Take immediate conscious actions that support you in every area of your life

  • Heal  your insecurities and feel confident in your present moment and future

  •  Explore new possibilities that you never imagined

  •  Experience true blessings

Mentoring Group begins as an introductory course of Universal Law through the path of healing and awakening. Mentoring group provides support to individuals to explore what they desire, take conscious action to create the life they desire and make significant healthy changes in their life.

Mentoring Group has become a framework to help thousands of students break through limiting beliefs, patterns of behavior, and thoughts as they immerse themselves in Universal Law. Learning powerful tools and techniques created by Triné, students experience inner peace, balance, and joy which opens the door to abundance in their personal and professional lives.

Through this course, you will take defined actions to rediscover your authentic self as you learn to release unconscious fears and limiting beliefs that keep you stuck in dysfunctional patterns. We will lovingly explore the way perception impacts decision-making and relationships. Under our guidance you will pinpoint unwanted undercurrents and formulate effective solutions to heal and transform your life. Mentoring Group will increase your awareness and compassion for yourself and others, encourages healthy lifestyle,  improves communication and trust, reduces stress and anxiety, builds self-confidence, promotes emotional health and overall well being and fosters collaboration and transformational growth.

This course is a unique opportunity to apply Universal Laws and Principals to address misguided core beliefs and transform the very mechanism that determines your experiences and the way you relationship.

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