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Reiki Master Certification

Reiki Master certificaton  provides the practical and theoretical insight into this ancient healing modality.

Achieve Reiki Master Certification

Embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery and healing with our Reiki Master Certification Program. Designed for those seeking to deepen their connection to Reiki and share its profound benefits with others, this comprehensive program equips students with the skills and knowledge to practice Reiki as a business. 

Become a Reiki Master!

Reiki Master Certification

Our program delves into the traditional techniques of Reiki attunement, empowering students to attune others and create a ripple of healing energy in the world. With experienced guidance and hands-on practice, students gain a deep understanding of the sacred principles and practices of Reiki, preparing them to embrace their role as Reiki Masters and make a positive impact in the lives of others. Join us on this transformative path and unlock your full potential as a Reiki Master.


The Reiki Wellness & Meditation Center with Triné is phenomenal! It changed my life the moment I stepped foot into the building over a decade ago. Not only does she help you on your life’s path, Triné guides you to tap into your own wisdom, power, and self love to create the life that you dreamed of. Everything about her meditations, classes, and personal sessions are incredibly special and sacred. Thank you Trine! xo

Jennifer V.

“I was feeling confused and stuck in my life. I booked my first session and I absolutely loved it. I had no expectations. I work in a very high-stress environment where only performance counts and feelings are often ignored. I leave the session feeling lighter and happier. I noticed the difference immediately."

G. S

“Since my regular Reiki sessions my legs have been getting better and better, the swelling subsided and every day since then, I am walking easier. The pain is dissolving. I am able to move freely, to walk across a room without having to be cautious."

L. L.

“RWMC provides such an amazing and safe space for healing. Trine’ allowed me to talk openly and freely about deep seeded issues, while she listened without judgment. She didn’t look at me with pity but with eyes of love. My sessions have been an invaluable tool for my personal healing process.”

S. M.

What You’ll Learn

In our comprehensive Reiki Master certification program, you will acquire a profound understanding of the principles and techniques necessary to become a skilled and knowledgeable Reiki Master. Through a combination of theoretical teachings, practical training, and hands-on experience, you will learn:

Advanced Reiki Techniques: Deepen your knowledge and practice of Reiki by exploring advanced healing techniques, symbols, and mantras that enhance the flow of healing energy.
Reiki Master Attunement: Experience a powerful Reiki Master attunement process that opens up your energy channels, amplifies your connection to the universal life force energy, and enhances your healing abilities.

Attuning Others: Gain the expertise and confidence to attune others to Reiki, allowing them to tap into the healing power of this transformative energy. Learn the traditional methods and protocols for conducting attunements.

Teaching Reiki: Develop the skills and resources to become a Reiki teacher, sharing your knowledge and empowering others to embark on their own healing journeys. Learn effective teaching methods, curriculum development, and how to create a nurturing learning environment.

Professional Practice: Receive guidance on establishing and managing a successful Reiki practice. Explore ethical considerations, client communication, business aspects, and practical tips for creating a thriving Reiki business.

Self-Mastery and Personal Growth: Embrace the opportunity for profound self-transformation and personal growth as you deepen your connection to Reiki. Develop a deeper understanding of your own energy system, expand your intuitive abilities, and nurture your spiritual growth.

By the end of our Reiki Master certification program, you will be equipped with the knowledge, skills, and confidence to embody the role of a Reiki Master. Whether you aspire to practice professionally, teach others, or simply deepen your personal practice, this program provides a solid foundation for your journey as a Reiki Master.

Benefits of Being Reiki Master

Becoming a Reiki Master brings forth numerous benefits, both personally and professionally, as you deepen your connection with the healing energy of Reiki. Here are some of the significant benefits to becoming a Reiki Master:

Advanced Healing Abilities: As a Reiki Master, you unlock the potential to access and channel higher levels of healing energy. This enables you to facilitate deeper healing and address more complex physical, emotional, and spiritual imbalances.

Self-Transformation: The journey to becoming a Reiki Master involves profound self-transformation and personal growth. Through attunements, continuous practice, and spiritual exploration, you experience a deepening connection with your own inner wisdom, intuition, and spiritual path.

Empowerment and Self-Empowerment: Reiki Masters are empowered to take control of their own well-being and support the well-being of others. By becoming a channel for healing energy, you become an instrument of positive change, helping others awaken their own self-healing abilities and promoting personal empowerment.

Expanded Professional Opportunities: Becoming a Reiki Master opens up a wide range of professional opportunities. You can establish a thriving Reiki practice, offer healing sessions to clients, teach Reiki to others, and integrate Reiki into complementary and alternative healing modalities.

Contribution to the World: As a Reiki Master, you have the privilege to contribute to the well-being of others and the world at large. Through your healing work, you can bring comfort, relief, and transformation to individuals in need, fostering a ripple effect of positive energy and healing.

Lifelong Learning and Connection: The journey as a Reiki Master is a lifelong path of learning, growth, and connection. You have the opportunity to deepen your knowledge, explore advanced techniques, and connect with a supportive community of fellow practitioners and teachers.

Personal Fulfillment: Becoming a Reiki Master allows you to live a life aligned with your passion and purpose. Sharing the gift of Reiki with others, witnessing their transformation, and experiencing the profound joy of facilitating healing brings immense personal fulfillment.

By becoming a Reiki Master, you embrace a path of continuous growth, healing, and service. The benefits extend beyond your personal and professional life, touching the lives of others and contributing to the well-being of the world.

More Reasons to Become a Reiki Master

Deepen your personal connection to the universal life force energy – Enhance your intuition and spiritual growth – Access advanced healing techniques to address complex physical and emotional imbalances – Expand your professional opportunities in the holistic healing field – Empower yourself and others to tap into their innate self-healing abilities.

Foster a sense of inner peace, balance, and well-being – Join a supportive community of Reiki practitioners and teachers – Contribute to the well-being of others and make a positive impact in the world – Embrace a lifelong path of personal growth, self-discovery, and transformation – Experience profound joy and fulfillment by sharing the gift of Reiki with others – Becoming a Reiki Master opens up a world of possibilities for personal and professional growth, spiritual development, and the opportunity to make a meaningful difference in the lives of others.

Reiki III (Master Certification) Class

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Meet Trine - Your Reiki Master Trainer

Trine Eich-Koehn is an experienced Reiki Master with a passion for helping others unlock their full healing potential. Trine has been practicing Reiki for over 25 years, been teaching Reiki for more than 15 years, and has trained with some of the most respected teachers in the field.

Trine’s journey with Reiki certification began at a young age, where she first discovered the transformative power of energy healing. Since then, she has traveled the world, studying, practicing, and training others in Japan, the United States, and Europe.

Trine’s teaching style is warm, compassionate, and deeply intuitive, reflecting her belief that healing is a collaborative process that requires trust and connection between practitioner and client. Her classes are designed to create a supportive, nurturing environment through immersion or students can explore, and develop their own unique gifts as healers.

As a Reiki Master, Trine is committed to helping others discover the profound healing potential of energy work. She encourages continuing education, practice and audits of all levels. Here at RWMC, we promote ongoing learning, consistent practice, and regular audits across all levels.

When practitioners have the opportunity to audit a level they have already graduated from, they experience significant growth, deepen their knowledge, and discover new insights that enhance their practice while fostering a sense of relaxation. Whether you’re new to Reiki or an experienced practitioner, Trine’s classes offer a powerful opportunity to deepen your understanding and connection to this ancient healing art.