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Discover optimum wellness and create your perfect life balance

Discover optimum wellness and create your perfect life balance

Discover optimum wellness and create your perfect life balance

The Well-Heeled Women is an intimate online women’s group designed to champion the mind and soul of women eager to heal.

To be our power, we must master the emotion reaction, be poised and centered despite distractions, and above all else know our worth.

Life doesn’t have to be this eternal

waiting room.

You’ve tried it all before, but nothing is working, and you’re  ready for a new approach that actually works. It’s time to emerge vibrantly, joyfully and peacefully!

This is your invitation to be supported in catalyzing the shift you have always wanted.

Triné will teach you how to align to the Warrioress Spirit within with the Divine‘s Vision for you. 

This is an engaging journey of self-exploration that has participants examine their inner and outer leadership, power, and  vision.

You will become proficient at making choices that support your personal and professional life. This three-month small group study will expose the core thought patterns and belief systems that keep you from experiencing 100% joy in every area of your life.

We will as a unit, advocate, support and love you into strength. This step-by-step  proven program will help you navigate change with grace, grit, and fearlessness. You will acknowledge your amazing gifts and strengths you currently have mastered as well as strengthen the weaknesses that limit your complete joy.

Focus, Accountability & Support

These key strategies along with valuable proven tools will support you to fully enjoy the blessings in your personal life as well as business. You will partner with the Divine in magical and unique ways and co-author the life you desire.

Together lets activate bold, sexy, warrior within to magnetize and accomplish your soul’s mission.


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