Reiki Wellness & Meditation Center

Discover optimum wellness and create your perfect life balance

Discover optimum wellness and create your perfect life balance

Discover optimum wellness and create your perfect life balance

Services with Victoria

My mission is to help my clients discover their true essence. Each session is personalized to support you on your journey to wellness. My holistic approach is support you to unleash your full potential. My mission is to support you to heal with respect, thoughtfulness, integrity and compassion. I’m very excited to announce I am also offering BioMat healings.

Life Coach

I provide clients with feedback, guidance and insights. This is ongoing collaboration built on taking conscious action, adjusting focus and improving self-confidence. My coaching style supports clients to break past conditioning and focus their energy on unleashing their potential. You will accomplish your intentions with motivation, support and accountability.


Reiki is a valuable healing modality to support clients to move forward in their life with clarity, courage and peace. Reiki is a holistic healing modality for balancing, healing and harmonizing all aspects — body, mind, emotions and spirit.

Combine Reiki and the BioMat for the ultimate healing experience. I offer 30 minute, 45 minute and 1 hour session or you can purchase a 3 session package.

The Professional BioMat has 18 pounds of amethyst crystals covering its entire surface. This advanced technology is the only product to combine Far Infrared Rays, Negative Ions, and Amethyst Crystals for a mind, body, and soul healing experience. Through the delivery of soothing, deep penetrating far infrared heat, the Biomat is able to replace damaged cells, release blockages and restore the body, which supports the body to heal. The Biomat has healing properties such as strengthening the immune system, reduces pain, aids in tissue regeneration, helps with tension and headaches.

Combined with the benefits of Reiki:

Dissolve energy blocks
Promotes natural balance between mind, body, and spirit
Increases energy levels
Create deep relaxation
Supports the body release stress and tension
Clears the mind and improve focus
Accelerates the body’s self-healing ability
Aids better sleep
Reduces blood pressure
Helps relieve pain
Supports the immune system
Compliment medical treatments

Chakra Balance with Crystal

This healing modality that combines the powerful healing powers of Crystals and Reiki to balance your chakras and facilitate physical, emotional, mental, spiritual healing and well-being. 

Access Bars

The Bars® are 32 points on the head that represent different aspects of life (money, control, creativity, awareness, sadness, joy, etc.) By gently touching these points on the head, effortlessly and easily the energy and barriers dissipate and the electromagnetic charge is released. You release you around prosperity, health, aging, relationships and more.

Therapeutic Touch

Holistic wellness practitioners recognize and acknowledge the integrative nature of the human condition, the unique physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects and needs of each individual. Holistic 

Benefits can include;

  1. lowers blood pressure
  2. improves circulation
  3. reduces anxiety
  4. accelerates healing
  5. improves sense of well-being
  6. improves sleep

Archangel Healing and Integrated Energy Therapy

This gentle touch-healing focuses on releasing cellular memory and replacing it with a more positive and relaxed state of well-being. It empowers clients to experience fulfilling healthy relationships in all areas of their life.

Reiki, Meditation, Life Coaching