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Discover optimum wellness and create your perfect life balance

Discover optimum wellness and create your perfect life balance

Discover optimum wellness and create your perfect life balance





Are you feeling called to teach and or deepen your meditation practice?  Join us for an immersion style training that has been proven to be beneficial and life-changing. 

What is immersion style?

Training with an immersion style of study is incredibly powerful. It is done in a small intimate setting where you have full access to the leadership and teachers  through out the entire training period. Our privilege is to enhance your strengths and strengthen your weak areas. We call it loving you into strength.  Our mission, is to help you acknowledge, develop and strengthen your own unique way of leadership. Training under an immersion style means you will not get lost in the large group energy, or online disconnection. We believe that intimate one-on-one training in areas like this is critical to the development and building of one’s skill.

You will learn and teach various components of meditation under the supervision and guidance of Triné. You will be fully supported as you become certified to lead peaceful and powerfully moving meditations.


In our in-depth program, participants will gain a thorough understanding of theory, practice and teaching meditation. You will cultivate the experience and knowledge needed to support you to lead group meditations with confidence. Upon completion of the program, you will be able to confidently offer effective and powerful meditations to enhance your audience’s mental, physical and emotional well-being. Y

You become a part of a community that wants, sees and believes in your growth and success.


Didactic & experiential learning

• Didactic & experiential learning

Who is this training for?

This training program is designed for those with a meditation background who wish to deepen their understanding with the intention to effectively share this modality with others or deepen their own practice.

What are the benefits of our training program?

  • Ability to teach and facilitate meditation individually or with groups in a variety of settings
  • Ability to create transformational meditations for any size and demographics
  • Ample guidance and feedback from instructor
  • Mentorship and one-on-one supervision with instructor
  • Receive proven scripts for different styles of meditation
  • Learn to create powerful scripts
  • Continue to deepen and extend your personal practice and study.
  • Group feedback
  • Video feedback

Through our immersion style learning in experiential learning and reflection, committed personal practice, and supervised teaching practice, participants will:

  • Teach with confidence and poise
  • Learn proper posture and alignment
  • Master a deep understanding of different meditation methodologies
  • Learn mindful breathing to link body, mind and energy
  • Develop and apply self-compassion practices to self and clients
  • Discover healing that happens within meditation
  • Commitment to your own practice
  • Integrating meditation practice with  life’s daily activities
  • Discover how to lead both individual and group meditation sessions
  • Uncover your own unique style as a meditation instructor
  • Get tips to present yourself in the community and build your clientele
  • Learn the importance of ethics and conduct as the teacher role
  • Journal homework, exercises and small-group study assignments

Your Commitment 

  • Daily meditation practice
  • Upkeep of meditation log and journal
  • Attendance to the monthly weekend all day classes

Our Commitment

  • Quality, in-depth instruction provided by esteemed teacher
  • A thorough foundation in the practice of meditation
  • A wealth of resources, handouts, and materials to support your practice and teaching
  • Small group work and peer support

Why We’re Unique

The immersion experience is essential to fully understanding, in a comprehensive, embodied way, what meditation is truly about. We are committed to provide each student with the necessary tools and techniques to lead meditation with compassion, integrity and knowledge while honoring their authentic voice and gifts.

Triné offers a unique approach to practicing and teaching meditation. Triné offers 25 years of extensive education and experience. She has created a program that will help all participants learn effective strategies and meditation tools. The purpose of this training is to support students to design, develop and lead meditations.

All participants who finish will receive a certificate of completion.

Three-month program


Full price $1,200

No refunds or exchanges

Please call our office for more information.

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