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Discover optimum wellness and create your perfect life balance

Discover optimum wellness and create your perfect life balance

Discover optimum wellness and create your perfect life balance

Embody the frequency of your vision. Learn to lay a foundation that is so strong and solid  you actually create  a new personal reality for yourself in 2021

Let This is your year to live fearlessly while manifesting magical blessings in your everyday life!

“Yes, it can be scary, and you will need to let go of who you were. But you are not starting from scratch. You are starting with wisdom this time. I think it is the best time to create what you only dreamed you could.” – Triné

 Launch Fearlessly was specifically created to take you on a journey of self-discovery and move you to a more meaningful connection with yourself and the universe. You will make the life you choose from a place of balance and abundance. 

This retreat will offer you an unprecedented chance to dig deeper and go within to explore your divine power.


Launch Fearlessly in 2021

The program looks like this:
One full day launch fearlessly retreats 

Three mini-retreats 1/

Each quarter11 monthly meetings.
The total value of this package is $6675. We are launching an exclusive special this year only for $2500.!!!!!

It is designed for the individual who is truly serious about going to the next level within themselves & manifesting into their life exactly what they truly desire. Regardless of your focus is personal relationships, business development, or spiritual growth, this incredible experience will create a new level of synthesis within your mind-body, and soul connection. If there is any resistance, we will explore it, get to the root of it, and heal It. 
You will develop the strength courage and wisdom to truly move into the divine plan that is intended for you. The groups are so small you will be experiencing both benefits of one on one attention as well as the magic healing that comes from participating in a group. From registration to completion, you will be supported beyond anything you’ve ever experienced Anything like this before in a coaching session or package.
Very limited seats are available. If you have any further questions about what LAUNCH  FEARLESSLY  will do for you please contact us at 1-757-491-6500.  
Life is meant to be loved, lived fully with lots of laughter! Let us help you Truly love this 
Jan 9 …full  

Jan 10 …full

 Jan 17 …2 spots available 

Feb 6 …4 spots available 

Our Launch Fearlessly into 2020 Retreat is the perfect gift to yourself to invest in yourself and your future.

What people are saying about Launch Fearlessly:

“Meeting other strong women who were determined to speak of their dreams and share their divine vision was empowering. I witnessed first hand how powerful it is to be surrounded by people who genuinely want the best for you in a loving space.” L.S.

“This retreat helped me to open my heart to new possibilities and experience great blessings. This fun retreat helped me set my intentions for the new year that changed my life. Every year I promised myself it would be different and every year I was disappointed that I didn’t stick to my new year resolutions. This time I chose to do something that supported me. I am thankful for the opportunity to attend.” L.C.

RWMC Retreats are well known for being a fun-loving, completely non-judgemental nurturing environment providing the perfect place for self-love, self-care, healing, and transformation.

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