Intuitive Reading & Guidance

Intuitive Readings and Guidance provide an empowering view of your soul’s journey. Readings facilitate the processing, releasing, and exchanging of powerful energies – mental, physical, and emotional – to help you clarify and focus on your purpose. You will be guided and encouraged to find and harness your inner power to access your Divine inner knowing. You will learn to tap into the wisdom within you to reach your fullest potential. During your session, you can ask questions about anything in your life – relationships, health, money, career, impending choices, etc. You will connect with the team of spirit guides, guardian angels, and loved ones who guide you and receive an in-depth look at your soul’s journey and your life’s path. Using her spiritual abilities, Triné will assist you in understanding how to move forward in life and support you to feel empowered.

*In-person appointments are limited; please contact the office to schedule this appointment.

Reiki Wellness & Meditation Center 3104 Arctic Ave Virginia Beach, VA 23451 (757) 491-6500
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