Reiki Wellness & Meditation Center

Discover optimum wellness and create your perfect life balance

Discover optimum wellness and create your perfect life balance

Discover optimum wellness and create your perfect life balance

Lunch Learning Live

Time: 1:00 pm -1:20 pm

The Universal Laws are always working in your life. The Law of Attraction is an extremely popular topic of conversation. Understanding and applying it can be challenging. Triné will be offering free tips, techniques and strategies how to support you to become more aligned to your heart’s desire.

Well Healed Warrior Online

Time: 7.00pm - 8.15 pm

Let’s do this text over silhouetted person with spread arms in countryside sunset.
Social distancing is a wonderful opportunity to build an online community with like-minded men who are ready to take the right actions to create happiness, success, and wellness in their lives. This is not the time to isolate. Isolating can have a direct impact on your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health.
Your soul is calling you to stop hiding and ignoring your needs. You know it’s time to maximize your potential. It’s time to revolutionize challenges into fuel for your personal and professional growth. Now is the time to surround yourself with the right people and resources to teach, support and motivate you.
This is an engaging journey of self-exploration that has participants examine their inner and outer leadership, power, and vision. Together we will develop a clear road map for your life which will help you move towards actions that support your happiness, health, purpose, overall well-being and wealth.
We have reduced our normal rate of $1,600 to $1,235 to make this accessible to you. It’s time you make yourself a priority and invest in your happiness.
You can pay for $415/per month or $1,235 paid in full.
We will meet every Thursday at 7pm-8:15pm for three months online.

Well Heeled Woman

Time: 10:00am-11:15 am

Location: Reiki Wellness & Meditation Center

Social distancing is a wonderful opportunity to build an online community with like-minded women who are ready to take the right actions to create happiness, success, and wellness in their lives. This is not the time to isolate. Your soul is calling you to heal, love yourself in a new way and manifest your dreams.

The Well Heeled Women is an intimate online women’s group designed to champion the sage woman.

To be our power, we must master the emotion reaction, be poised and centered despite distractions, and above all else know our worth. 

Life doesn’t have to be this eternal.

waiting room.

You’ve tried it all before, but nothing is working, and you’re  ready for a new approach that actually works. It’s time to emerge vibrantly, joyfully and peacefully!

You just need expert advice and tools to take the practical steps to experience deep love, joy and make your dreams a reality.

This is your invitation to be supported in catalyzing the shift you have always wanted.

Triné will teach you how to align to the Warrioress Spirit within with the Divine‘s Vision for you.  The process begins with experiencing the gift of being heard, nurtured and accepted by a professional life coach that will help you embrace your divine life.

Popular Questions:
When does group coaching start?
First session is Friday April 3rd at 10:00am-11:15 am

Is this in person or online? All sessions are online.

How long is group coaching session?
We will meet for a 75 minutes every Friday for 3 months

We have reduced the cost to support you. Your investment is:$415 a month (nonrefundable)


$1235 paid in full (nonrefundable)

To register call (757) 491-650

Reiki Share (Healers invite a friend)

Time: 5pm - 8pm

Location: Reiki Wellness & Meditation Center

Reiki Share must be a Reiki I or higher to attend.

Saturday, March 14th at 5pm-8:30pm

This is an opportunity to advance your skills, make connections, learn and grow! Continuing the tradition of practicing, mentoring, and sharing the love!

This Reiki Share we invite you to bring a family member or friend that would like to receive healing. Your guest must make arrangements with the office a time slot (757) 491-6500.

5 pm – Healers private healing

6 pm -Guests will receive healing

Please bring a dish to share in our celebration.

Love donation: $5.00

Reiki I

Are you tired of feeling tired all the time?

Are you desiring to feel freer, happier and lighter?

Do you want to be more centered, compassionate, and have a greater sense of Self?

Imagine each day waking up feeling healthy and physically well.

Bring your life back into balance with Reiki.

Can anyone learn Reiki?

It is our mission to provide a well-instructed, designed, informative, practical, and enjoyable training course that is facilitated in a secure, comfortable, supportive loving environment.

Become a Reiki healer and transform your life.

Reiki treats the whole person including body, emotions, mind, and spirit, creating many beneficial effects that include relaxation, and feelings of peace, security, and overall wellbeing.

Here are just some of the benefits of learning Reiki:

  • eases aches and pains
  • relaxes muscles and tension
  • increases energy
  • relieves fatigue
  • relieves depression
  • relieves stress
  • relieves digestive blockages
  • promotes sleep
  • promotes feelings of calmness and relaxation
  • clears toxins
  • balances energies
  • gain insight and clarity
  • enhance creativity and vitality

What will you Learn:

  • What Reiki is & how it heals
  • History, science and philosophy
  • Hand positions for self healing and healing another person
  • Hand positions for group healing
  • How to prepare the space for healing
  • Practice chair treatments and on a healing table
  • Practice giving and receiving Reiki
  • Practice self Reiki
  • Practice 1 on 1 healing
  • Practice group healing
  • Integrate Reiki into your daily life
  • How to reduce medicine side effects
  • How to heal animals and plants
  • And MORE

What will you Receive:

  • Manual
  • Class certificate
  • Become a member of the largest healing community in Hampton Roads
  • Ongoing support

Learn to Live a Reiki Blessed Life. Wake up every day loving life!


Reiki II

Location: Reiki Wellness Meditation Center

Reiki II

Reiki II

Are you ready to take your healing to the next level?

Are you ready to heal your past and let go of the heaviness in your heart? 

Are you ready to create grace and ease in all that you do?

Through lecture, discussion, hands on practice, meditation, and sacred attunement ceremony, you will gain a deeper connection and understanding of the Reiki symbols and healing process.

In this 2 day course you will learn more in-depth tools, symbols and techniques for working with energy. There are three symbols, each carry a powerful magnetism in activating Reiki healing. You will learn these symbols and how they strengthen your ability to channel energy. In this class you will also master how to perform distant healing, whether on a loved one in the next room or
across the globe.

You will learn:

  •  Re-cap on Reiki Level 1
  • Advanced healing techniques
  • Three powerful Reiki Symbols
  • Activate the symbols for emotional, mental and long distance healing and experience the energies of each symbol
  • Heal past, the present, and create grace, ease and blessings in the future.
  • Room clearing
  • Distance healing
  • Mental and Emotional healing
  • Heal patterns that keep you stuck
  • Practice sending absentia Reiki
  • Healing world events
  • And more

You will leave this class with a deeper understanding of Reiki, feeling confident using the Reiki symbols and the ability to perform distance healing.

Pre-requisite: Reiki I and Healing Practicum with Victoria or Yolanda

Certificate Training at Reiki Wellness & Meditation Center not only prepares you for actively using Energy Medicine in your daily life, it opens the door to a time of great transformation in your world.

Classes are integrative, pairing experiential learning and meditation journey (these become reliable and reusable tools) with enlightened question and answer sessions. Students often ask for and receive insightful information on extended topics like Divine Rights, Universal Laws and other spiritual concepts.

To register online:


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