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Discover optimum wellness and create your perfect life balance

Discover optimum wellness and create your perfect life balance

Discover optimum wellness and create your perfect life balance

New Mentoring Group – Thursday, July 18th

Date: July 18, 2019

Time: 5:30pm-7:00

Location: Reiki Wellness Meditation Center

New Mentoring Group
Thursday, July 18th 5:30pm-7:00pm

Are you trying to juggle work and personal life? You feel drained and trapped by life’s autopilot routine.

Are you finding it difficult to take care of yourself and make your needs a priority? You don’t know how to set a healthy boundary and give a voice to what matters.

Are you often pulled into other people’s dramas? You give advice yet no one seems to be listening.

Are you tired of the roller coaster of ups and downs? Life has been filled with unexpected surprises and you feel unmotivated and unclear what to do next.

It is time to get your passion back and invest in you!

Mentoring Group begins as an introductory course to the Universal Laws through the path of healing and awakening.

Mentoring Group has become a framework to help thousands of students break through limiting beliefs, patterns of behavior, and thoughts as they immerse themselves in Universal Law. Learning powerful tools and techniques students experience inner peace, balance, and joy which opens the door to transformation in their personal and professional lives.

Mentoring Group will help you to:

  • Release and heal the things that hold you back
  • Cultivate a positive mindset that will support you
  • Explore how mindfulness can assist you to make healthier choices
  • Learn tools to empower you
  • Learn how to love yourself and your world into strength (including walking away from what no serves you)
  • Explore new healthier way to maneuver through challenging stressful moments
  • Be Inspired by your group members

Are you ready to say yes to:

  • Live a more fulfilling and meaningful life
  •  Feel more confident
  • Become more focused and decisive
  • Experience more joy
  • Heal inside out
  • Live the life you have been dreaming about

You know your soul is always yearning to experience freedom and now is your chance to change your life to become limitless and create the life you dream about!

This is a 6 month commitment. $75/per week.

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