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Discover optimum wellness and create your perfect life balance

Discover optimum wellness and create your perfect life balance

Discover optimum wellness and create your perfect life balance

Are you worried that your relationship is falling apart? At times, couples face challenges that can feel overwhelming and even impossible to overcome.  You probably have tried many times to repair your relationship, but it’s just not working. You feel alone, frustrated and scared of your future. 

In couple coaching sessions we identify destructive patterns, heal painful memories and address communication issues in a safe environment.  

Relationship coaching supports you and your partner to have tools that empower everyone to feel seen, understood, appreciated. and valued

Couples often seek help with:


verbal conflict

intimacy problems

unfulfilled sexual needs

broken trust

poor communication

 unresolved conflict


parenting issues

 major transitions 

finance-related arguments

damaged friendship

family-related problems

 prioritizing personal and professional responsibilities

trouble defining roles

thinking of separating 

 Are you experiencing critical relationship issues and decisions? This may include:

Deciding to move in together or marry

Deciding to move together to another city, state or country

Deciding to leave or stay after infidelity

Deciding to remain married, separated or divorced

Deciding to become parents or remain child-free

Why choose Couple Coaching:

Develop healthy communication techniques

Enhance negotiating skills

Break through and resolve conflict when you feel stuck

Feel more comfortable being vulnerable and honest

Forgive your and your partner’s past 

 Make decisions together that include both of your needs

Work through financial conflict 

Adjust to parenthood and co-parenting

Raise healthy children as a team

Improve sex and physical intimacy

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