Reiki Wellness & Meditation Center

Discover optimum wellness and create your perfect life balance

Discover optimum wellness and create your perfect life balance

Discover optimum wellness and create your perfect life balance

Community Events

It’s our mission to pour love into the world one heartbeat at a time. Our events aim to inspire others toward the knowledge and wisdom of the Divine Self and share their light with the world. Every month there are opportunities to connect to your heart, honor your healing process, and meet new friends. Everyone is welcome to attend these powerful gatherings of meditations, healing, community, awareness, and sacredness.

Prior to Covid, we offered monetary love donation meditations. We are so grateful for everyone who gave from their heart. It made a huge difference in supporting wellness, growth, and expansion. We were blessed to have in attendance about 50-80 people per event, twice a month. We always had a full house at our new moon and full moon guided meditation. Since the pandemic, we made a few changes and now offer an incredible new moon ceremony and you can watch full moon meditation from the comfort of your home.

Scholarship fund

In order to participate in our scholarship fund, you must contact our office and send an email. Your email should include information in regards to your financial situation, why you would be a potential candidate for this program, and what are the personal benefits you would receive. At RWMC, our belief is that students need to be financially responsible for a portion of their education to support their commitment and personal growth. The scholarship fund is only available to Reiki students (not applicable for appointments or other courses.

Healing Sanctuary – Reiki Clinic

We have taken a pause from offering this to our community. However, if you miss this unique community offering please contact our office and let us know.

Our way of giving back to the community. Experience the relaxing benefits of a Reiki session from one of our teams of Reiki practitioners. Enjoy a sense of well-being and balance.

At Healing Sanctuary there is never a fee – only love donations are accepted. An opportunity to try before you schedule a healing session at RWMC or to become familiar with what you will be trained for when registering for a Reiki I training. This is a free and open event to the public, with no age limitations or disability exclusions. Bring your family and/or friends.

Attendees are served on a first-come, first-served basis in between those registering for a specific time period. Sessions last about 15 minutes, come prepared to stay 45 minutes or more to encompass the wait time, your session, free refreshments, and Q&A in an open house style setting afterward.

 Please wear comfortable clothing as you will lie on a massage-type table with shoes and glasses only, removed.

A phone call on (757) 491-6500 or an e-mail to RSVP helps us to set up and plan for your visit.

Please park in our lot off the back side of The Little Greenhouse at 3104 Arctic Avenue, Virginia Beach, VA 23451


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