Personalized Life Coaching Sessions – Triné

Triné offers over 20 years of experience and has helped thousands of clients work through Heartache, Sadness, Betrayal, Loss, Divorce, Mental and physical abuse, relationship/family problems, and confusion. Our life coaches bring a variety of experiences, skills, and backgrounds to support individuals, couples, families, and other relationships to heal anxiety, grief, depression, or deeply held trauma, and learn to address significant life transitions mindfully. Our coaches use their expertise to support self-discovery combined with mindfulness and holistic healing practices to assist in establishing healthy behavior patterns and choices. Our coaching model incorporates structure and processes that teach, foster and model how to create the life of your dreams. Each session is personalized/customized based on client needs. Methods May Include: Meditation, Mindfulness, Intuitive Guidance

Relationship Coaching Session – Triné

Our Relationship Coaches use their experience and training in relationship dynamics, including romantic, family, friendships, work, etc., to help you experience greater fulfillment across your relationships. Our Coaches will review and identify relationship dynamics, patterns, and habits that may no longer support you. You will be supported in developing healthy communication practices, establishing healthy boundaries, cultivating a culture of love and respect, and providing accountability to help you create harmonious, healthy, supportive relationships.

*In-person appointments are limited; please contact the office to schedule this appointment.

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